ATT Top Loading Arms are specially designed to suit the filling of tankers from the top or the side.

The truck loading arms are designed for open, semi-closed (with cone) or closed (with flanged connection) operation. The arms can be operated manually, or with the use of pneumatic or hydraulic control systems.

An extensive range of additional features are available, in order to make the loading system suitable for every specific situation, such as:

  • * Over fill protection
  • * Truck connection by flange or dry break coupler
  • * Heating and insulating
  • * Manually or pneumatically operated product valves
  • * Vapour return by rigid line or flexible hose
  • * Specialist couplers for food applications
  • * Large operating envelope for operation at both sites of the loading platform
  • * Pneumatic hold down for high flow rates
  • * Manufactured from mild steel, stainless steel and other materials available upon request
  • * PTFE lining available

The ATT dry line loading arm is designed for heavy duty, multi-compartment tanker filling operations under the toughest of conditions.
* Torsion spring balance unit
* Adjustable two stage loading valve with vacuum breaker
* Robust construction
* Full range of accessories

* Easy, safe handling
* Shockless closure
* Fast drainage

ATT loading arms may be mounted on close centres to maximise the number of products serving a single sided loading bay. They are also light and easy to handle, enabling them to be turned through 360 degree for use on double sided loading gantries.
The compact design provides both easy handling and flexibility of reach. The secondary arm fully rotates enabling at least three compartments of tanker to be filled without moving the vehicle.

* Easy, safe handling
* Shockless closure
* Fast drainage

* Base/Fulcrum swing joint: Ductile iron
* Loading valve, apex & drop pipe swivels: Anodised Aluminium
* Arm tubes and drop pipe: Aluminium
* Seals: Viton (PTFE also available)
* Inlet flange: ANSI 1501b raised face
* Maximum working pressure: 10 bar G
* Maximum operating temperature: 120ºC