Designed to be a Gauger’s “best friend” by eliminating product spills on the gauger’s platform!

ATT's Gauge Pole Float Basin not only provides the Gauger a place to set the float while taking samples or leel readings, it also provides a place to set sample bottles and gauging tape.

Fabrication with stainless steel material, the basin is easily attached to the top of the gauge pole utilizing only four bolts and a gasket. A convenient, lightweight, gasketed, lift-top cover replaces the traditional gauge hatch.

ATT's Gauge Pole Float Basin is designed with a slope that allows the residual product from the float and chain to drain back into the gauge pole. Environmental contamination and safety hazarda are eliminated when product spills on the gauger’s platform are eliminated.

ATT's Gauge Pole Float Basin is another product that demonstrates ATT's “Innovative Solutions” philosophy and our commitment to providing quality products to the petroleum industry.

The Gauge Pole Float Basin advanced design features include:
* Designed with an easy to open, gauge cover.
* The cover is gasketed to comply with the most stringent environmental regulations.
* Easily installed without removing the tank from service.
* Constructed with lightweight stainless steel.
* Designed to eliminate mess by keeping product off of the gauger’s platform.

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